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We at RSXWorld take your privacy seriously.

Our pledge:

- We will as part of the operation of this site collect information about you.
- We will take all reasonable measures to keep this information safe both in computer and hardcopy form.
- We will never release any personally identifiable information to any 3rd party except as required to fulfill the needs of operating the site (outsourcing for example).
- You will never contacted by us or anyone else based on private information we've collected for the purpose of marketing a product or service. Be aware that public information may be used to contact you by unrelated business but not with our authorization.
- We may from time to time send you informational messages related to you account on this site or about news which could potentially effect your account.
- Information we collect in connection to purchase your make in the shop will be used only to complete your transaction and may be used for marketing purposes but you have the option to "opt out".
- We may relate agrigate data which includes information you've provided but only in aggrigate form (stats, survays and polls).
- Your votes on opinion polls may be released if we feel the reason is significant enough to warrant it. (negative votes). Be aware of this and if you want to vote anonymously, dont vote.

That's it in a nutshell. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

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